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    3. Why Choose Us
      JORI GROUP CO.,LIMITED focus on Paper Tissue Making Machine,Hot Melt Gluing Machine,Engine Rebulding Machine & Metal Processing Machine for more than 10 years experience in China. We will provide Right & Best Service to all of our customers in the world. JORI GROUP CO.,LIMITED. have Four branches in China. Our group is focus on Tissue Paper Production line, Hot Melt Glue Machine, Engine Rebuilding Machine and Metal Processing Machine.

      Upon more than 30 years experience in this field, JORI already go aboard and open Foreign Market in different countries. In order to provide the Right & Best Machines for our customers in different countries, JORI try our best to learn from customers and study national conditions from customers' makerts.

      Our mission is to provide a More Cost Efficient Solution for our customers. Suitable is the Best Way, Best for customers, for local market and even for our future. We treat it as our responsibilty in every business.

      Our goal is to get Trust from every customers who contacted with us. To show our sincerely in communication and our professional skills in business, and even to provide the most suitable machines for them to satisfy with their special need. We hope we can get the comments like: Best Machines, Best Service and Best Person which we met, after customers received our machines in their local side.

      Our culture is to be Family and progress together. We treat every staffs as a family member, We learned, We shared and We worked together to reach our goals. We will be better and better as long as we ALL progress together every minutes. A little change everyday makes a big difference someday.

      JORI GROUP CO.,LIMITED will be your Best Choice for business cooperation in China. Contact Us Now !
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      Consists of three parts and offer verified information.
      Assessment Reports
      In-depth reports based on site visits.
      Verified Main Products
      Report on expertise, capacity, production & certification.

      Business Activity

      Transaction Overview
      From 2018.07 - 2019.06, We have completed 120 transactions. Trade Assurance limit: USD165000.00.
      Transaction Details
      We have exported to 47 different countries in the world by Alibaba trade assurance.
      Transaction Level
      We're THREE Diamond transaction level.
      Trade Assurance
      1. Multiple Safe Payment Options: Safe online payment option from e-Checking, credit card and T/T.
      2. Worry-Free Shipping & Quality.
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