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      Name: CE
      Reference: M.2018.201.N4881
      Issued By: UDEM
      Validity Period: 2018-06-01 ~ 2023-05-31
      Range: Box Sealing Machine, Hot Melt Glue Sealing Carton Box
      Name: PVoC
      Reference: CNC1040545
      Issued By: CCIC
      Validity Period: 2017-03-08 ~
      Range: Test Bench 12PSB
      Name: SONCAP
      Reference: CN616281
      Issued By: Intertek
      Validity Period: 2016-06-26 ~
      Range: Toilet Paper Production Line
      Name: PVoC
      Reference: RCOCN05439-0000
      Issued By: SONCAP
      Validity Period: 2016-05-09 ~
      Range: Toilet Paper Production Line
      Name: CE
      Reference: M.2018.201.N5145
      Issued By: UDEM
      Validity Period: 2018-06-28 ~ 2023-06-29
      Range: Paper Machine
      Name: PVoC
      Reference: NGA-RCN19-015185-V0
      Issued By: Cotecna Sino-Swiss
      Validity Period: 2019-04-30 ~ 2019-04-29
      Range: Napkin Tissue Machine, Toilet Paper Machine, Paper Packing Machine
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